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Rejuvination for a Natural Look

The eyes and periocular area are the central aesthetic unit of the face, and remarkably complex as it is responsible for the function of the eye. This includes the eyelids, eyebrows, forehead and midface which must be evaluated together. 

As we age, there are dynamic changes that involves the skin, underlying subcutaneous tissue, fat loss and bony structures. These changes contribute to the fat protrusion, hollowness, eyebrow descent and upper eyelid hooding that is seen in aging.  

Older surgical techniques are purely subtractive, removing skin and fat, which leads to increased hollowness. This "aged but pulled tight" look is unnatural and an unfortunate outcome that is seen in many Hollywood stars, household names and patients we see who seek revisional surgery.

Radiant skin, balanced fat distribution, a well-rounded three dimensional structure and good projection are the hallmarks of a healthy, youthful appearance. A customized 3-D approach accounting for all structural aging changes is the most successful way to achieve a healthy, rejuvenated look.

Our goal is not a radical transformation that leads friends and family to ask what you had done, we strive for a healthy rejuvenation and simple compliments of "you look great!".

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